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  • Producer: Tesfaye Bekele
  • Origin: Suke Quto, Guji, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1800-2200 masl
  • Variety: Welicho, Kurume
  • Process: Washed
  • Certification: Organic
  • Profile: Floral, tea-like with notes of bergamot, natural sweetness and a choc-aftertaste
  • Roasted by: Coffee Pirates Vienna

From bean to bottle

Given the huge success of our first organic cold brew last year, we really wanted to do it again and find an organic specialty coffee that can do both: extraordinary taste and quality and 100% certified organic, which unfortunately is still a rear treat in the world of high end coffees. Luckily we found the right partner for the job. Werner, owner of Viennese coffee shop and roastery “Coffee Pirates” is a veteran of the specialty scene in Austria. He visited the Suke Quto farm and met with Tesfaye the farmer. But read on to find out more about the coffees journey from bean to bottle.

Lukas and Werner in Tolima Colombia with organic specialty farmer Omar Arango
Lukas and Werner in Tolima Colombia with organic specialty farmer Omar Arango. Photo: 25 GRAMS


Ethiopia the motherland. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and it just never disappoints. In over 5 years of cold brew production more than half of our batches were filled with this lands sweet nectar. I think that pretty much says it all. And if you then have a coffee that is also certified organic you are in for the win.

The coffee in our current edition comes from the region of Guji. Between 1997 and 1999 wild fires wrecked havoc in this region and left large spaces deforested. Farmers Tesfaye and Haile where among the few that took on the challenge and tried to regrow the forests und incorporate coffee trees. Most other farmers switched to kettle farming or started growing teff or maiz. After they had the first successes more switched to coffee and Guji and the Suke Quto farm are now very well appreciated by coffee afficionados around the globe.

Trabocca and the OGs of Guji. Video: Trabocca


Tesfayes Suke Quto Farm has 221 hectars and 171 outgrowers deliver coffee cherries to his washing/drying station. The volcanic soil is very fertile and Tesfaye improves soil health by organic recycling through litterfall and root residue from coffee and shade trees. Suke Quto is 100% certified organic and also has the rainforest alliance certificate.

Werner meeting with coffee farmers at Suke Quto farm
Werner meeting with coffee farmers at Suke Quto farm. Photo: Coffee Pirates


The coffee varieties used in this edition are Kurume and Welicho. Those Ethiopian heirlooms are processed using the so called Washed Process. Here the flesh and the skin of the coffee cherry is removed by a depulper and then the coffee is cleaned with water in a tank where the rest of the flesh is removed by fermentation. At Suke Quto this takes between 35-48 hours. They really got this process dialed in perfectly, otherwise the coffee would not be as clean as it is. In the next step the coffee beans are dried and then send to the Drymill that is located in Addis Ababa. From there the coffee is packed and send on its long way to Europe.

Drying the coffee on raised beds
Drying the coffee on raised beds. Photo: Coffee Pirates


The coffee was imported by Trabocca. Today they have three offices, one in Addis Ababa, in Amsterdam and in Minneapolis. It´s important to understand that they not just deliver coffee but discover and develop those first. The team around the founder Menno has been importing certified organic high-end coffees since 2004.


We are very happy to work with such a dedicated roastery. They also run a specialty coffee shop in the heart of Vienna and have been among the first ones to bring the third wave to Austria. Werner, the man behind Coffee Pirates shares the same values as we do: Quality and Traceability. We have been on origin trips together and are both certified organic. And the best thing regarding this cold brew edition is that Werner has been to Suke Quto farm and met with the guys on the ground. That’s what we call: Traceability from Bean2Bottle.

Reunion with farmer Tesfaye and Werner (left)
Reunion with farmer Tesfaye and Werner (left). Photo: Coffee Pirates